Friday, 5 June 2009

Corfu Baby!


Sorry for the massive gap between posts, if you hadn't guessed already i've been in Corfu for a week with le mother and the fabulous Sophia :) Got back a couple days ago but haven't had time to post until now, but this is gonna be a super long post to make up for it!

It was lovely to get away after having such a hectic year at uni, but i've realised that i despise airports now that i am no longer of the age where flying is exciting!

Two early morning flights in one week do not a happy Bee make. Eugh. Had to sleep for two days to shake off the constant state of tiredness my body was in!

But anyway, enough of that, here are some pics from le vacance;

The entrance to our apartment complex

Moi et Sophie on the messy night out we had in Sidari. True toilet class.

Corfu Town - couldn't resist taking a pic of these birdies on a window ledge in the town centre, so pretty!

I was VERY excited to have some alcohol

So was Sophie!

The lovely resort


...More pics coming up :)

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