Friday, 5 June 2009

Corfu Deux

More pics from Corfu!

Ahoy there! Sophie on the pedelo we hired on the last day :)

Some pretty sea!

This made me smile! We never went in there though :(

The most amazing coffee I had all holiday..the picture doesn't do it justice!

Even in Greece my mother still drinks tea..and look how tanned she is! Needless to say I'm still pasty..

Those are the best ones which really sum up the holiday...I didn't really take that many as I was having too much fun to whip out my camera ! I did have a lovely bikini from the Kelly Brook range at New Look but the dye started to run on the second day and dyed half my back blue! Not exactly the holiday glow I was going for! Anyway, if you guys are interested I have a link to it here.

I'm also in love with the blue dress I was wearing in the mirror pic! I bought it from a tiny little shop next to our apartment, and it only cost me 12 Euros!

Unfortunately that same night I managed to get beer spilled down it (someone else's, not mine!) and it also stinks of smoke so i need to get it dry-cleaned before I can venture out in it again without smelling like a pub garden!

On another note (I said this was gonna be a long post...) I'm really dissapointed today as the work experience placement I had lined up for next week has fallen through as the magazine in question haven't replied to my phone calls or emails to confirm that it's all going ahead. I was supposed to start on Monday but haven't heard anything since last week, so I guess it's not happening! Bit gutted but nevermind eh?

I also handed out loads of CVs today around Oxford in the hope of finding a part time job for the summer. Managed to give all the ones in that I printed out so fingers crossed I might get some interviews!


  1. jealous you went to Corfu :) look gorgeous!

    Thanks for your comment- the Bare Bronze lotion is great! it smells soooo good, like a refreshing beach scent and it gives a nice glow- i definitely recommend it ;)


  2. Aww thank you! it was lovely, sad to be back where it's cold :( !

    Awesome, thanks for letting me know, I may well get some myself, especially as you say it smells nice, i hate the smell of most fake-tan lotions...eughh.