Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Independent Women: Scary or Sexy?

So I've been debating with myself about feminism. Many look to the suffragette movement as the origin of the word, the pinicle of what it meant to be a 'feminist'.

But things have changed since nearly a century ago, when women had to scream in order to be heard, or chain themselves to passing carriages in order to be noticed.

I mean, women have the vote (In the majority of the world, at least) we own companies,we earn as much as our male counterparts, we single-handedly raise children without being judged for it, and we can live independently, with or without a man.

But does being an independent, powerful woman make us all a bunch of feminists? The term, which has long been brandished as a 'dirty' man-hating word, a word normally used, by men, to describe women that a) they feel threatened by, or b) have just turned them down?

It seems to me that, just as in the late 19th Century, when men repressed women who tried to beat them at their own game, steal their 'power' or make them feel, god forbid, vulnerable, this fear of the independent woman still lingers, and shows such as Sex and the City are just confirming the fears of those men who still believe women belong in the kitchen.(Even if Ne-Yo did write that song)

I was browsing the Daily Mail site today (slow news day...i'll admit) and found this article about the end of Sex and The City. (sob!)

Anyway, scrolling through the comment box at the end of the article, I found a certain comment by a gentleman (I use the term loosely) called Allan, from the UK.

And I quote:

Good riddance to these four menopausal, scrag-end pieces of rough. None of these females are any good to look at, other women only like them because they are NOT attractive! SJP has to be ugliest woman I have ever seen outside of Leeds...
Men look for the escape route when they see over-dressed, over-confident and over-cooked joints of mutton like these who haunt the clubs every Saturday night trying desperately to be Mrs Robinson-types with the younger guys...they are pathetic, only good for one thing and even then a man has to be well tanked to take advantage of the freebie.-

allan, UK, 30/6/2010 14:24

which basically erases a century of women fighting for their right to be treated as equals. Standing ovation to the man.

Needless to say, I was feeling quite opinionated after reading that comment (I could feel my cheeks getting rather hot, to say the least) and simply HAD to comment back. Cue the the following:

Allan - Wow, you really have something against powerful, independent women don't you? It's amazing we even have the vote while people still harbour old-fashioned, backward attitudes like yours!

"None of these females are any good to look at, other women only like them because they are NOT attractive!"

I think you're missing the point of Sex and the City here.

Unlike, say, The Hills, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha weren't soley designed to fulfill some twisted image of female beauty so many men seem to have in their heads, nor were they created as sex-objects for single men alone in their bedrooms on a friday night.
If you were looking for those kinds of women, I suggest you search under the 'Adult Entertainment' section of your Sky box.

The great thing about Sex and the City was that it silenced the taboo that women who have a sucessful career, no children and a healthy sex life are somehow scary, man-hating feminists.

Here's to that!

Ahem, possibly not my most cherished piece of writing, but, nonetheless, it had to be said, and boy did I feel better after that!

More to the point, It amazes me that one man can take a harmless, light-hearted sitcom like Sex and The City and be so intimidated by it that they feel the need to write that!

This individual clearly took one look at the cover of the DVD, thought "no fake boobs, not enough flesh on show, oh no, they have brains...nah, i'll give it a miss" and this is what he came up with. Fascinating.

These four women were never marketed as sex-objects, nor did the producers cater for the straight man! If it was aimed at this demographic, there would certainly be less talk about shoes, and i'm pretty certain SJP wouldn't have survived the whole series without a full-frontal!

SATC is for women who want more from their lives, and know how to get what they want, whether it involves a man or a credit card (!)

If being called "ugly, only good for one thing, and pathetic" means I have brains, a job (outside of the adult entertainment industry) and don't belong on the cover of "horny housewives XXX" then i'm all for it!

And if Sex and The City is the modern-day equivilent of what Emmeline Pankhurst and co. got up to when they were together (only with less talk of blow-jobs, I would imagine) then I suggest we bring out the red sashes and take to the streets!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

it is my strong belief that we would enjoy life a lot more if we took a leaf out of Samantha Jones' book.

Jones, I salute you.

Warning: Rant Ahead

It has been one of those days today! I will keep this rant as short as possible but I must emphasis how much of a total FAIL my day has been, on all accounts!

Woke up this morning ridiculously excited for my spinning class at the gym. Having not been before due to lack of spaces I booked this class far in advance and was pretty psyched about 45 mins of muscle burn!

I got to the gym only to find out I wasn't booked in after all and they had no record of me being alocated a space! I was pretty peed off as I had rang up and been told I had a space in the must sought after class, so to go all the way there, having not showered or bothered with hair/make up, I was annoyed.

Plus, I was going to make the trip into a gym sesh so all was not wasted but then discovered that I hadn't brought my iPod, and I hate hate hate running without it, I need the rhythm!

So, yeah. Not happy! Have traipsed about all day with gym kit on, no make-up and trainers for no reason...however an ice-cream from Waitrose cheered me up immensely, I have to say.

As for tonight, I have lots of research to do for my meeting with New Look on friday for an internship opportunity so I will be musing through that and hopefully will be going to see Sex and the City 2, at last!!

It's taken me so long to get round to it but I am looking forward to making my own judgement of the film, being a die-hard fan of the series and having heard many good and bad reviews, I am excited to see it for myself. (with the mother in tow!)

A run was on the cards for tonight but it's still blisteringly hot outside so i'm not so sure how much of a good idea that was afterall!

As for spinning....another time! xxxx

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Au Revoir Miss Bradshaw!

So I watched the final episode of Sex and the City today...for the first time!

I know, youre all wondering why it's taken me this long to get to the last season, but before I came to uni I was truely a SATC virgin, so made it my mission this year to get through the whole boxset. and finish it I did.

Not without a few tears though! I welled up at least 4 times in the last episode! And the worst thing is, I can't even blame it on my hormones this time. It seems I am more of a cry baby than I thought! Can't cry at Marley and Me but Sex and the City? bawling like a baby.

I did let out a cheer for women everywhere when Carrie had THAT argument with Big on the pavement outside her apartment, on her last night in New York. Lets face it girls and boys, it had to be said. (Even if they do get back together 20 minutes later...I stand by my word!)

For Carrie and Co, it was the end of an era. For me, it was the end of knowing what to do on a Saturday night, when my own life failed to rise to the occasion.

It has occured to me now that I need another addiction, so suggestions are most welcome, although I feel I may still have a Sex and The City-sized hole inside me for quite a while.

Call me sad, but SATC has gotten me through a LOT of 'fml' moments in the last year, and although I never thought I would get so hooked on a TV programme as I have with this one, I have never been able to relate to something as much as I have with the ups and downs of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha.

Would a mourning period be a step too far?

Just a Thought


So light-years have gone by since my last post. I'm not gonna lie, I am a truely awful blogger.

However, this post has been inspired by a recent visit to the Guardian London Graduate Fair, where I attended a talk held by Paul Lewis, a reporter for the Guardian. The talk was fantastic, I learnt more in that 60 minutes than I have learnt all year at uni! (I wish I was kidding..)

The panel also included Isabelle O'Carroll who works as Content Editor of New Look's website. Hearing Isabelle speak was a personal highlight as her job is fascinating to me and something I could only dream of doing.

Additionally, Paul Addison from Bloomberg and Tom Gockelen-Kozlowski, a freelance journalist and young graduate, were also there to give an insight into the world of journalism.

The talk was really interesting (have I said that already....!?) and Sophie and I left feeling optimistic about our prospects once we graduate.

We finished our day in London with an epic walk around Oxford Street, both miserable for seeing such beautiful things and yet with no money to buy them. sob.

Although no trip to the capital would be complete without a visit to Mecca (AKA Topshop, Oxford Circus) if only to tease.

Came home and went to Wagamama to celebrate my second year results with le mother. (So it seems i did pretty well..though i'm convinced it's a mistake...)