Friday, 3 July 2009

King of the swingers

I had such a good day today!

Went to this wildlife park about 30 mins away with Liv (one of my good friends) and saw so many animals, it was wicked! Haven't been there since i was about 10, and i used to go all the time, so it was so nice to go back again.

I will post pictures asap but i can't find my camera lead! The best part was going into the monkey enclosure where they roam around and walk by you and stuff. This one Lemar monkey was fascinated with me and my bag and they never normally go that near the humans but this one jumped onto my bag and wouldn't let go! It was so funny, the woman who worked there didn't know what to do as one had never jumped onto a human before! haha it was trying to get into my bag but it wasn't being vicious or anything, it was so funny.

The Meercats were hilarious as well ("simples") hahaha and i saw the biggest tarantula of my life, it was massive and so hairy.

As i said, will post pics when i find my camera lead!

I had such an embarssing day yesterday - I fell off my bike in front of like 5 cars, in the middle of the road, flat on my face! I had tried to signal and accidentally turned around too much and overbalanced and fell! So embarssing, I have a huge lump on my knee now!


Apart from that i've been working mostly, and seeing Liv a bit, which is nice :) So bad with the blogging but will try and do it a bit more, i just seem to be working so much atm and going straight to sleep when i get home!