Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Jean Genie

Sooooo.. I have quite a lot to blog about today, FIRSTLY i'm excited because I scored myself a job finally :) had an interview today (which lasted about 5 mins) and basically i start on the 22nd :) the job is at this Oxford University campus store, which basically sells hoodies and t-shirts with 'Oxford University' on them! pretty cool shop, full of all this old Oxford memorabilia, such as rowing oars and the like. So yeaah, i'll be getting £45 a day and working 4 days a week, until August.
Oh and the best part is I get to wear my own clothes as the dress code is 'casual and comfortable' ! how amazing is that? I hate having to wear a black uniform (like at my two previous jobs) so this is pretty perfect for me, as I am a naturally scruffy person! haha.

On another note, I need your opinion (if there is anyone out there...!!) on these new jeans I bought from Zara today; they're light denim with rips down the front (not as bad as they seem) and would be great for summer, EXCEPT I never wear jeans and live in dresses so it's probably not the wisest way I could have spent £25..but it was kind of a treat for landing myself a job...!

They do look better on, although I had to jump around in the changing room for a good minute to try and get them round my thighs...which probably should have told me something ahaha. I think I was just so happy to finally be able to fit into Zara jeans that I went a bit crazy, plus the fact that the mirrors in there are rather forgiving!

Anyway, moving on, I had a sewing day yesterday to try and alter some of the billion vintage dresses I own which I buy when they are either far too big/long and tell myself I will change them, only to forget all about it.
Well yesterday I decided to make a start on this dress I bought from a little shop down Brick Lane when they were having this amazing £10 deal, where you literally piled whatever you could fit into a bag and got the whole lot for a tenner! One of the items I bought was this particular dress (along with a a huge but beautiful 1940s dress coat, which swamps me) which someone had obviously made for themselves, but it was such a strange, unflattering shape i knew I had to do something with it if I was ever going to wear it.

Here is the finished result, although i'm not happy with the hem as it was an A-line dress and because i've shortened it the bottom now kind of sticks out in a 'space-y' kind of way, which looks a bit shoddy so I may do that again..

Tbh,seeing as I basically guessed how much to take it in by from the sides, it more or less fits me perfectly, but the sewing is so bad in places when the previous owner had made it that i'm scared I might sit down on the bus one day only for the whole thing to burst at the seams! Anyway, I guess at least attempting to alter my existing wardrobe is better than buying more new clothes which I really don't have room for!

Think the mother and I are going to do a car boot sale in a few weeks to try and make some money from all the stuff i've gotten rid of recently which is currently sitting in the garage, instead of the car! (what else are garages for if not to stash away my unwanted clothes..?!)
I normally give away my clothes to charity, and have a huge clear out every few months, but I absolutely love car boot sales so I may have to sneak away from time to time to check out some of the other stalls...you always find the best stuff at places like that!

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