Thursday, 1 July 2010

Who ate all the pies?

So i'm sitting here, somewhere in rural England, eating ice-cream, watching Brideshead Revisited and listening to the pub next-door play countless Aunt Sally matches.

Could I be anymore of a cliche Brit?


So anyway, I was perusing through the Daily Mail online when I came across this story about Whitney Port super-sizing herself via the iPhone FatBooth app.

Whitney posted the pic on her blog (which is actually pretty damn good and worth a read...)and she seemed to find the not-so-flattering photo of herself highly amusing, much to my liking.

I love love love it when so called 'untouchable' celebs can poke fun at themselves, and this makes me love the Whitster even more.

Can you imagine Olivia Palermo doing such a thing? hmmm...

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