Thursday, 29 July 2010

"I wanna be a billionaire....


Oh my gosh I am so poor it's untrue.

Now as a student, one is always joking about being poor 24/7, but obviously, joking about it normally means you are actually not that poor, but have dollar for things like cereal, bread, beer, and y'know, the necessities.

But no, really, I am poor. and by poor I mean SKINT. I have £10 in my bank which my poor mother has had to put in to save me from FURTHER bank charges for going over my overdraft! (I kidd you not, the bank CLEARLY do not sympathise with my situation!) PLUS I can't even get to the bank because I can't afford bus fare! seeeeriously how poor can one person be?

Thank God I'm getting paid tomorrow or else I would be in biiiig trouble. Rent comes out on saturday and If I don't have le funds for that I am in serious shizzle.

Thank goodness for parents, they really do save your life.

So I know this is not an excuse for failure to blog, but it does mean that my social life at the moment is fairly non-existant! (unless you count making friends at spinning class or meeting older friends for £1.19 McFlurries at the local McD's?)

The gym has saved me from staying in the house all day, every day, as I have already paid for my membership so technically it's free! and plus, I guess I must be getting fitter so there might even be a plus side to my poorness??

My friend Soph came over yesterday and I took her on a (budget) tour of my hometown (Oxford for those of you who haven't read my profile ;])

It was really lovely and we walked for miles, visiting some of the colleges and having HUUUUUGE lunches in quaint little pubs. Was really fun!

Here are some pictures from the day (I warn you, we are total losers)

Also, I ventured into London the other week with my friend Tiff, where we wandered around Covent Garden, ate paella and ran through Ruislip in the pouring rain, getting splashed by cars. It was awesome.

Our dinner on the bus:

mmmm healthy.


  1. Aah, that looks like so much fun! I wish I did more things like that with my best friend

  2. Oh, don't we all wish that we were billionaires.. I know I sure do!! You girls look like you did pretty well for being on a budget.. oh how I would love to travel around Oxford!!