Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Blockage, of the creative kind

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Argh, don't you hate when you're having one of those days where you seem to be in a dreamland, drifting in and out of reality but not really absorbing or taking anything in?! Well I'm having one of those days today, and it's driving me crazy!

I have so many things to think about at the moment, that for some reason my brain has decided to shut down and instead, allow only one thought at a time, which means I am unable to have any kind of coherent conversation with anybody or anything.

I had problems with my bank this morning as well which made me super frustrated and depleated and as a result I have really achieved nothing today. And have eaten only one food group. the bad kind. (carbs and lots of them) eshhh.

I have a spinning class tonight which should hopefully release some endorphines and make me feel more awake. either that or it will kill me and I will be limping for the next few days. not sure what the outcome will be actually. hmm.

More updates tomorrow when I am feeling human again.

Ohh p.s rented out Paris, Je t'aime from the library! can't wait to get lost in that later.

Au Revoir xoxo

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