Saturday, 3 July 2010

"I'm very athletic...people don't believe me...maybe 'cos I weigh 240 pounds"


Wow, officially the busiest 2 days ever!

So friday came along and I tottered off to Laaandan town for my meeting with the lovely Sarah and Mark from Idol! (check out the website here, or go here to buy some of their lovely clothes sold exclusively in New Look)

After a huuuuuge coffee from Starbucks I found their office in East London and had a wonderful meeting with the team, who asked me to do some writing for them, which is awesome! so I was a very happy bunny after that :D

You might have seen Idol in New Look stores (300 across the country!) and if you haven't, pop down to New Look NOW and check them out, because their clothes are awesome. My personal fave (which I am wearing right now...might be a bit sweaty after countless tube journeys around London...) is this wife-beater style tank top, with a skull motif and distressed detail on the back, and silver bits on the front, which I love.

so yeah, check it out!!

So anyway, after the interview I went to this Monsoon sample sale down Tottenham Court Road, which was crazily hot but worth it! I came away with a high-waisted skirt (kids 12-13 size...don't tell anyone!) a red rope waist belt and a pair of black platforms (for a tenner!) all for £22. The best part is that all proceeds from the sale (which ended yesterday...sorry guys!) go to the Monsoon and Accessorize Trust, which aims to help women and children in disadvantaged parts of Asia, by working with local communities and seamstresses to make clothing for the company. It's an amazing charity and knowing that my £22 was going towards helping people who need it most made me feel much less guilty about delving further into my overdraft!

I also took a brief trip to Topshop Oxford Circus (to use the toilet if i'm perfectly honest) but ended up buying some gorgeous sandals which I put on to relieve my high-heel bitten feet, only to find that I couldn't walk in them as they kept falling off my feet! Cue some embarassing limping down Oxford Street until I could find a suitable place to put my heels back on!

So a fail on all accounts!

All this limping and sample-sale shopping had made me ravenous so I took the tube to High Street Kensington to go to what I like to call my personal Mecc, AKA Whole Foods. AM-AZ-ING food, some incredibly healthy, some not so much! (their gluten-free vanilla cupcakes are to die for!)

If you haven't been to Whole Foods by now, GO GO GO! It's worth a trip to London if you don't live there and Kensington is a nice place to have a wander round anyway, so it's a win-win situation :D

I bought this lush salad box...there are rows and rows of salad-box fillers, from every type of rice you can imagine to noodles, and ahhh gosh, EVERYTHING! It's amazing, I know I sound really sad, but trust me on this!

And last night I watched Star Trek (2009) which was brilliant, really funny (mostly thanks to Simon Pegg) and totally gripping. I would recommend it to everyone. Plus, Chris Pine, who plays Captain Kirk Jr, is hot hot hot. Even is you hate sci-fi, watch it just to admire his beautiful face.

Right now i'm listening to Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw's(another one of my fave people) interview with Beth Ditto of The Gossip from Thursday's show. She is hilarious! Listen here for the full interview, it's so funny, worth a listen for sure!

In case you were thinking, this is where my blog title has come from. genius!

I'm super excited to start my West Wing marathon tonight...have rented out the boxset (form the library....go me) and plan to absorb myself in it for the rest of the summer. God bless the library for providing me with mindless entertainment I can't afford to buy!

OH and I got the Monsoon job! YAY :D x

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