Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Warning: Rant Ahead

It has been one of those days today! I will keep this rant as short as possible but I must emphasis how much of a total FAIL my day has been, on all accounts!

Woke up this morning ridiculously excited for my spinning class at the gym. Having not been before due to lack of spaces I booked this class far in advance and was pretty psyched about 45 mins of muscle burn!

I got to the gym only to find out I wasn't booked in after all and they had no record of me being alocated a space! I was pretty peed off as I had rang up and been told I had a space in the must sought after class, so to go all the way there, having not showered or bothered with hair/make up, I was annoyed.

Plus, I was going to make the trip into a gym sesh so all was not wasted but then discovered that I hadn't brought my iPod, and I hate hate hate running without it, I need the rhythm!

So, yeah. Not happy! Have traipsed about all day with gym kit on, no make-up and trainers for no reason...however an ice-cream from Waitrose cheered me up immensely, I have to say.

As for tonight, I have lots of research to do for my meeting with New Look on friday for an internship opportunity so I will be musing through that and hopefully will be going to see Sex and the City 2, at last!!

It's taken me so long to get round to it but I am looking forward to making my own judgement of the film, being a die-hard fan of the series and having heard many good and bad reviews, I am excited to see it for myself. (with the mother in tow!)

A run was on the cards for tonight but it's still blisteringly hot outside so i'm not so sure how much of a good idea that was afterall!

As for spinning....another time! xxxx


  1. Thank you! I'm really excited, can't wait to meet everyone :)