Saturday, 26 June 2010

Just a Thought


So light-years have gone by since my last post. I'm not gonna lie, I am a truely awful blogger.

However, this post has been inspired by a recent visit to the Guardian London Graduate Fair, where I attended a talk held by Paul Lewis, a reporter for the Guardian. The talk was fantastic, I learnt more in that 60 minutes than I have learnt all year at uni! (I wish I was kidding..)

The panel also included Isabelle O'Carroll who works as Content Editor of New Look's website. Hearing Isabelle speak was a personal highlight as her job is fascinating to me and something I could only dream of doing.

Additionally, Paul Addison from Bloomberg and Tom Gockelen-Kozlowski, a freelance journalist and young graduate, were also there to give an insight into the world of journalism.

The talk was really interesting (have I said that already....!?) and Sophie and I left feeling optimistic about our prospects once we graduate.

We finished our day in London with an epic walk around Oxford Street, both miserable for seeing such beautiful things and yet with no money to buy them. sob.

Although no trip to the capital would be complete without a visit to Mecca (AKA Topshop, Oxford Circus) if only to tease.

Came home and went to Wagamama to celebrate my second year results with le mother. (So it seems i did pretty well..though i'm convinced it's a mistake...)


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