Saturday, 26 June 2010

Au Revoir Miss Bradshaw!

So I watched the final episode of Sex and the City today...for the first time!

I know, youre all wondering why it's taken me this long to get to the last season, but before I came to uni I was truely a SATC virgin, so made it my mission this year to get through the whole boxset. and finish it I did.

Not without a few tears though! I welled up at least 4 times in the last episode! And the worst thing is, I can't even blame it on my hormones this time. It seems I am more of a cry baby than I thought! Can't cry at Marley and Me but Sex and the City? bawling like a baby.

I did let out a cheer for women everywhere when Carrie had THAT argument with Big on the pavement outside her apartment, on her last night in New York. Lets face it girls and boys, it had to be said. (Even if they do get back together 20 minutes later...I stand by my word!)

For Carrie and Co, it was the end of an era. For me, it was the end of knowing what to do on a Saturday night, when my own life failed to rise to the occasion.

It has occured to me now that I need another addiction, so suggestions are most welcome, although I feel I may still have a Sex and The City-sized hole inside me for quite a while.

Call me sad, but SATC has gotten me through a LOT of 'fml' moments in the last year, and although I never thought I would get so hooked on a TV programme as I have with this one, I have never been able to relate to something as much as I have with the ups and downs of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha.

Would a mourning period be a step too far?

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