Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Oh My!

Just saw these insanely beautiful Jonathan Kelsey shoes on The Out-Net, a designer-discount site from the
Net-A-Porter team.(thanks to Elisabeth of Thrills and Frills for bringing this gem of a site to my attention!)
I never normally get excited about designer shoes and prefer vintage but these are just amazing.

At £154 (down from £385) I would snap them up in a shot if only I could walk in heels :( but sadly flats are my calling.

Oh well!


  1. The outnet is amazing, everythings so cheap! The only problem is that everything sells out within a few hours so you have to be fast. I love those shoes.
    Im glad someone else likes alan davies, im having a jonathan creek themed birthday party (sad, i know) which should be um, interesting...

  2. Thanks for the comment :) I had no idea Outnet existed until the other day..which was probably a good thing for my bank balance but nevermind!
    Oh my gosh that sounds amazing, what do you dress up as? haha let me know how it goes! x