Wednesday, 5 August 2009

how time does fly !

I am the world's crappiest blogger. It's offical. I have no excuse but to say that I have just been majorly busy with work and have been too exhausted to even think about constructing a blog worth reading. I have a day off today and tomorrow so decided it was time to blow the cobwebs away and actually start writing again! I have finally found my camera lead (another one of the reasons i have not blogged) so will be gradually uploading some of the lovely photos from my summer so far!

Beach huts at Bournemouth !

Me looking like an old lady

My mother is so photogenic, i hate her for it. And so tanned as well!

Le beach

The view from the pier


Monkeys !

The monkey that jumped onto my shoulder seconds after this was taken !

I like monkeys.

The cutest couple ever.

Ardvark :D

"Simples" hahaha

There are loads more pictures but those are two of the best days out i've had since summer began. Tbh my summer's been pretty crap since i started work, all i seem to do if work, eat and sleep, and am being really unsociable.

I finish work at the end of this month and the weekend after I'm going to stay with my mum and her boyfriend, which I haven't done for ages, and we're going to go to the seaside and have roast dinner :) i can't wait. Hopefully going to Wales for a week as well, and then moving into my student house! Have been buying loads of little bits for it already and spent a fortune in Ikea (!) but it's all worth it to make my room all lovely and cosy :) it'll be a world away from horrible student halls !

Pictures of recent buys to come soon - spent loads in MAC today which is not great for my bank balance, and as for the saving i'm supposed to be doing...


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