Tuesday, 11 August 2009

"Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is a robbery"

So last night my mother and I watched Thelma & Louise for the first time. I know - talk about late in the day but it's a film i've always wanted to see but never got round to. My dad used to own a copy and it was one of his favourite movies but i don't know what happened to his copy, so i rented this out from the library and we watched it last night ! What can I say? AMAZING.
If you've already seen it then this is gonna sound like old news but I didn't expect it to be so good, I mean, I vaguely knew the plot and anything with Susan Sarandon in it is bound to be brilliant but I didn't think it would be so funny, nor so captivating. I thought it would be much darker, more like a thriller, but actually it's much more of a chick flick, surprisingly feel-good and really uplifting, despite the sadness in some parts.
But I really enjoyed it :) totally re-inforced by eagerness to do a road trip around America - especially the West. I was name-checking all the places they drove through - such amazing scenery, you couldn't have shot this movie anywhere else !
So anyway, aside from watching Thelma & Louise, i've mostly been sleeping in, getting through series 1 of Sex and the City (the best series inmy opinion) and going to the gym when I can.
It's a lovely day today but a little too hot, and I woke up in a sweat which wasn't very nice, with the bedcovers wrapped around me and with creases on my face which lasted until the afternoon!
Off to Pilates with mother tonight (i've never normally this active in one day I assure you !) and i'm in the midst of entering this writing competition for a well known magazine so will be working on that this evening and tomorrow I expect. I haven't written in so long so I have little confidence in my writing ability but it can't hurt to try right? Oh and am making my way through The Lord of the Rings troliogy and absolutely loving getting lost in that right so. Still can't get over how much they've missed out of the films !
Au Revior,
(p.s 8 days until I finish work ! )

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